Sunday, July 12, 2009

What do you pray for?

Weep for the Wiping of Grace- Carol Bomer
On Wednesday during our small group we spent our time discussing more in depth the topic of Sunday's sermon which I blogged about a few days ago, the topic of prayer. At the end of our discussion time we asked our friends what in their own lives they are compelled to pray for. What sort of passions and convictions has God placed on their hearts individually that brings them to their knees before the Lord? It was humbling to hear our friends speak with such conviction about the burdens that weigh heavily on their hearts. A few of the requests that were mentioned included: abortion, lost friends and family, the church and the nations. It was beautiful to see the diversity of convictions. I was reminded why we are the Body of Christ, each with our own convictions and passions. Those passions each serve to bring glory to God.

What am I convicted to pray for? My heart yearns for people to come to know Christ. It is heartbreaking to think that millions of people will close their eyes in death without ever hearing the name of Christ or ever accepting his sacrifice. Apart from my heart for the lost I am also burdened for the church both here and abroad. The thought of what my brothers and sisters in closed countries must endure for their faith is humbling and the church here really has no idea. It is easy to be comfortable and lukewarm here in America...but that is not what the church is called to. My heart is also heavy with a passion for the people of India. These are just a few topics that burden me.

So, I'm curious, what about you? What drives you to pray? What convictions burn in your heart so strongly that you must cry out to the Lord?

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