Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Only Your Blood is Enough

I've been reading through the book of Leviticus, which can be more than a little daunting as I read chapter after chapter concerning the blood atonement required for the Israelite community. My husband suggested I read Hebrews along with Leviticus because of the parallels to Jesus as high priest and his atoning sacrifice made on the cross. It has been a blessing.

A song I heard recently went along with this theme beautifully and I thought I would share it in hopes that others might find the same encouragement. The "mother" church that our current church plant came from just produced a new CD filled with songs based on the words of classic Issac Watts hymns. The end result is a new take on some solid bible based lyrics. My husband who has never been a big fan of "worship" CDs has really enjoyed the music and now I'm hooked too. So here's a song that has been rolling around in my head since I first heard it and my plug for the album Over the Grave from Sojourn Community church. If you are interested in possibly buying the CD yourself feel free to check out their website:

04 Only Your Blood Is Enough.mp3

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