Saturday, July 11, 2009

Warrior- Over the Grave

The Last Judgement Christ the Judge- Michelangelo
I struggled to find any artwork referring to Christ as judge or warrior. Often times he is depicted as an infant, or on a cross but there is not much emphasis on the risen Christ and on his power. There are some beautiful works of art depicting the suffering of Jesus but I find that the truth at least from my own perspective is often lost in those pictures. I can in no way put down any of those amazing works of art because I myself have been moved to praise and thanksgiving because of them. However another feeling I have sensed is a feeling of pity as I stared at pictures of the beaten and crucified Christ. We so easily forget that His horrendous death on the cross actually meant victory! I know it may sound trite but this particular song has resonated with me, reminding me of the God that we serve, one of might and of power. A warrior!!

Sojourn Community Church
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