Friday, June 5, 2009

A quick note

Jon and I have been back from our California vacation for a week now and I obviously haven't been able to post any pictures yet. Jon has been in his last summer class all week from 8am-5pm so computer and internet access has been limited. Anyway, the trip was amazing and I hope to post some pictures soon. So for the small percentage of people who read my blog...I'm still here. :-) More posts to come soon. Here is a little preview...

A view from the Pacific Coast Highway

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BabyWolfe said...

I never realized when you commented on my blog that you also had a blog...until today...I'm so observant! I'm so glad you do, it will keep us connected across the miles. And maybe someday we will travel by your neck of the woods and you can meet my little man, that would be so cool! Talk to you soon!