Friday, June 12, 2009

A Life of Discipline

Well I hope this entry begins to put me on track again for posting on a more regular basis. I've kind of slacked off a bit. Well now that I'm back from vacation I feel as if I am back to life. The kiddos at work are now on their summer vacation which has given me some time to relax. I don't have to worry about getting them up for morning routine and dealing with the attitude so a week or so of a break is wonderful.

Outside of work, life has been okay. On a high note Jon and I have enjoyed three days off together which have been wonderful. However some of that time was filled with some frustrations that we are sure to face more of once we are in ministry full time. I have been continually reminded that unless we are grounded and focused on the Lord we will not be able to be involved in meaningful and God-honoring ministry ever. So we've been learning, growing, and struggling through lessons that God has given us, because unfortunately there is no detailed instruction manual on how to do ministry. In the midst of these lessons I'm thankful for a husband who loves me and more importantly loves the Lord and longs to serve Christ as best he can. I'm also thankful for my parents who have been in ministry as long as I've been alive. Those years of experience will be helpful as I go to them for prayer, advice, and even just a listening ear. I can only imagine how much of a blessing that will be further on down the road.

Anyways, so yes, life goes on. On a side note, I have been reading a couple of books and during my reading I was convicted of the fact that I have never in my 26 years read the entire Bible. I've read large portions of it but I honestly have never read through the entire book. So I found a Bible reading plan online and started this whole process May 19th and by the grace of God have been going strong so far. If I stick to the plan I will be able to read through the Bible in a year. It has been a huge blessing and challenge as I strive to discipline myself to read 3-4 chapters a day. It's funny how just reading, not even studying, just reading that much scripture has changed my outlook and attitude.

Speaking of being disciplined, I have also started working out! I've been meaning to get into this habit since Jon and I first got married but I never really tried all that hard. My workout time today was a hard one and as I strained to keep going I was reminded how important living a disciplined life is and I've never been all that good in terms of discipline. So here begins a new chapter in my life as I strive to be a more disciplined servant of Christ. We'll see how all this goes.

"Godly people are disciplined people."
"...We recognize that even the most iron-willed self-discipline will not make us more holy, for growth in holiness is a gift from God. On the other hand, we can do something to further the process. God has given us the spiritual disciplines as a means of receiving his grace and growing in Godliness. By them we place ourselves before God for Him to work in us."
- For the Purpose of Godliness (Donald Whitney)

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OurCrazyFarm said...

Good for you! I am a very undisciplined person by nature, and struggle to maintain discipline. The one thing I am adamant about is scripture reading, and the rest just comes together. I also came to the realization that I have never read through the complete Bible, and since May the kids and I have challenged ourselves to read out loud through the whole Bible together. We are now on Revelation and enjoying it immensely, although we are not taking the time to read it as much as I would like. It is amazing to read one whole book at a time. The context is really different than just a chapter or several verses at a time. The kids have really enjoyed the time together, as well. That exercise routine is on my list, too, but somehow I justify farm work for arobics:) Not sure if that counts?! Glad to have you back posting! Terri