Monday, February 2, 2009

God's Grace Sustains Me

It has been an interesting couple of days. My workplace has been without power since Tuesday morning and on Thursday they had to move all of our girls off campus into a different facility. It has been one huge mess with a lot of chaos. Most of my nights have been spent in dimly lit hallways with little to do. I feel like I've been stretched to my limit more than once and only by the grace of God have I been held together.

Last night was one of the most blessed nights I have had at work. Due to the lack of distractions, I was "forced" to spend the night reading. Despite my circumstances I felt sustained in every way and spent the entire night reading through scripture, reading A.W. Tozer, The Life and Diary of David Brainerd and journaling my thoughts and prayers. The sweet sense of the heavenly made me despise being distracted by anything less. The words of Tozer resonated with me as he spoke of our belonging "to an amazing fellowship of the redeemed throughout the world." My heart was encouraged and I couldn't help but long for more of God and his mighty work in my life. The words of believers through the ages was encouraging and spurred me on to seek God without distractions.

This sense of thankfulness and encouragement continued on in the morning hours. On Sunday morning due to the weather, church was cancelled so we had our community group over to our apartment for a condensed version of a Sunday service. The time our group spent together in fellowship, worship, prayer and scripture reading was beautiful and I was reminded yet again of this great community of believers we are a part of. Our lives, both presently and all the way back to the early church, are knitted together by the one we have come to know intimately as our Lord and Savior. The Christ that died and rose again is the same God we serve today. His power has not diminished and his church is still living and active, vibrantly displaying his glory in all areas of the world. I can hardly speak of how amazing that truth is. I was encouraged today and am hoping to spend tonight much in the same way as yesterday. My longing is for more of God...I cannot be content with anything less.

"Oh, I thought, if I could be spiritual, warm, heavenly-minded, and affectionately breathing after God this would be better than life to me!"- David Brainerd

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