Sunday, February 8, 2009

25 Random Facts About Me

I have been contemplating putting this list together after getting tagged like crazy on facebook. I've been feeling the pressure so...I'm caving in. Here goes.

#1- I am the daughter of a pastor and a nurse. I am also the oldest of 4 girls

#2- When I was a child I was hit by a car as I walked to school. After being taken to the hospital by ambulance they found that I didn't have any major injuries, just some bumps and bruises.

#3- I am in love with India. This passion began when I was a freshman in college. It all started with Share the Well, an album by the Christian group Caedmon's Call. My husband and I now sponsor a little girl in India. Her name is Aleena. I am fascinated by all things Indian. I find their culture beautiful yet so dark all at the same time. I enjoy listening to Indian music, learning about their religions as well as their culture.

#4- I have a very slight case of claustrophobia. I seriously have no idea where this came from. Every once and a while if I am wrapped up in a blanket or have something tight around my feet I get the uncontrollable urge to have to move and free myself. I recently experienced this feeling on a plane (the first time this has ever happened). I had to breath deep a couple of times and remind myself that I still had plenty of space. Thankfully the feeling passed quickly.

#5- When I was little I either wanted to be a marine biologist or a singer. I have no clue where the idea of a marine biologist came from except to say that at one point in time I was fascinated by sharks.

#6- One of my fondest memories growing up is when my dad would take me out on father daughter dates. My dad, though human, gave me a wonderful glimpse of what my heavenly Father is like and he also showed me the importance of men treating women with respect.

#7- I hate peas. When I had to eat peas I always swallowed them whole, like pills. The texture, smell, and sight are all completely gross to me.

#8- There was a time when I thought I was a very flexible person, able to take on change with ease. I now realize that is far from the truth.

#9- I really enjoy learning and studying art (paintings, sculpture, music etc), and architecture. I see the creativity of God through the hands of his creation.

#10- I am by nature always cold...well maybe not always, but most of the time. I sleep with socks on (more so in the winter months) and often have to wear layers even when I am inside.

#11- I love to travel and would jump at the chance to visit places like England, Italy, France and India.

#12- I use to hate Shakespeare, mainly because I never really had anyone teach it to me in a way that made it interesting. It wasn't until my junior year in high school when Shakespeare finally came alive. I was taking an acting class and performed a scene from The Two Gentlemen of Verona. I've loved the plays of Shakespeare ever since.

#13- When I was in junior high I performed a solo in front of the entire school during an assembly. I forgot the lyrics right at the end of the song and I remember clear as day that a girl in the back of the bleachers stood up, pointed at me and laughed. I think it is safe to say that that moment was probably one of the most humiliating moments I have ever experienced. Even to this day the thought of it still stings. I saw this girl again a few years later and although she didn't seem to recognize me those feelings of resentment were still there. As she walked by I smiled to myself because despite her actions...I still get up on stage to this day and sing. I love every minute of it!

#14- I hate boxy cars. I'm not even kidding!

#15- I have moved somewhere in the area of 20 times during my life, that includes living in 9 different states. I seriously have lost count.

#16- I don't make friends easily. I'm not the type of person to tell you my life story the first time we meet. It's hard for me to open up to people because deep down, part of me figures that I'm going move away from them eventually so why invest.

#17- I am tired of shallow relationships. God has been so gracious to me lately and is finally teaching me what it means to really invest in people. I'm beginning to learn how to be vulnerable and deep with friends. This has been such an exciting but challenging thing for me to learn. So if I ever ask how you are doing, I really mean it.

#18- I have a texture issue with different foods. I don't like bread with raisins or cookies with nuts. I know there are more things I dislike but it is 5:30am and I'm having trouble coming up with them.

#19- There are three "dream" jobs I could picture myself doing right now.
- I would love to work for a missions organization and have a chance to travel
on short trips to see what the Lord is doing all over the world.
- I would also enjoy working for an adoption agency which focuses on
international adoptions.
- The other thing (which would probably not be a job) would be to spur
the local church on to missions work. If I can't go...I must be a part of

#20- There is a small part of me that is scared and hesitant to be in ministry with the church in America. We are such a spoiled people who feel no need to rely on anyone, let alone God. My heart for change and more of God is what keeps me optimistic about being in ministry in the States.

#21- There is a huge part of me that wishes God would call Jon and I overseas as missionaries. There are times I struggle with jealousy when I see the work friends will be able to take part in God's work throughout the world.

#22- My job has changed me. I am a far different person than I was three years ago. Never would I have imagined working at a place where I have been spit on, hit, kicked, called names and cussed out. My skin has become thicker but my heart remains soft to the plight of these girls. There are many days when I am sick of dealing with their drama but God in no way overlooks the downtrodden. May I learn to love these girls better than I do now.

#23- I spent 6 weeks overseas during the summer between my junior and senior year of college. My time was spent in Papua New Guinea where I put together a VBS program for the kids in the local villages.

#24- Evangelism is a topic close to my heart. I believe that is also why missions is something I have been burdened with for quite some time. I have not been bold in sharing my faith lately. This is something I feel the Lord challenging me to grow in.

#25- My husband and I feel led to adopt. Although we know that it is not the time yet my heart still beats faster when I think of bringing home a child and making him/her a part of our family. What stirs me most about adoption is that all Christians can relate. We have been bought with a price and are now considered children of God!

"The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God's children."


pita-woman said...

#22) I wondered if you were faring any better than my friend that used to work there... the horror stories she told me of how the girls treated her. Needless to say she's since moved on.
And yet, my co-worker who goes there once a year (just last week actually) to throw a Valentines party for the girls just can't say enough good things about them. Quite a contrast.

sarah jewett clarke said...

you are beautiful.