Monday, October 20, 2008

Some Jazz

I've been listening to some music by Vince Guaraldi, best known for his music associated with the animated Peanuts specials. He was truly a master at the piano and the more I've been listening to his music the more I miss the Jazz Factory ( If you didn't ever get the chance to go to that Louisville hot spot, you missed out.

It has been a stressful night at work for me but listening to this music reminds me of sitting in the dimly lit room of the Jazz Factory, sipping coffee and taking in some smooth jazz. That's a relaxing picture. I've had so much on my mind lately that I can't even think of what I would want to write for a post so I figured that instead I would invite you to enjoy this beautiful piece of music with me. Take a deep breath, sit back and relax, if only for a moment. Enjoy.


pita-woman said...

I posted some current pix of Paisley's sibs & momma on my site if you'd like to see them. There's also a link there for when they were just a few days old (not sure how young Paisley was when you first saw her).

katie kohrs said...

Ooooh, I did enjoy that!