Friday, October 24, 2008


In the Presence of Light- Kate Austin
Have you ever wondered how God could be so gracious and compassionate towards you even in the midst of your sin? I was thinking about that tonight after a particularly self-absorbed couple of hours. Over a time period of three hours my emotions went from excited and somewhat prideful, to utterly humiliated, broken and jealous. Those emotions soon led to self-pity. Nice huh?!? As I chose to wallow in that terrible place of self-absorption the Lord met me there. I heard his still small voice envelope me in my sin and speak love to me.

I am the author and perfecter of your faith. Your heart is not in the right place and I cannot allow that sin to come between us. I must weed it out even if it is painful. Allow me to use this rebellious moment to mold and refine you more into the image of my Son.

I am the giver of all good things and whatever “talents” I allot to you, great or small the only matter of importance is that you utilize them for my kingdom. Those meager offerings you feel you bring to me are a beautiful aroma of praise. Do not allow the enemy the pleasure of stealing the praise from your lips and the joy from your heart. I am a jealous God and all praise and glory belong to me alone. Do not look to others for approval and worth. I sent my Son as a ransom for you and you are cherished and loved beyond measure. Seek me.

Those are just some of the things the Lord spoke quietly to my spirit tonight. Some of those words of reproof were spoken sternly but in such a gentle and compassionate way. How can I not be romanced by that truth? I am humbled and so thankful that his love is greater than my sin and brokenness. I am so thankful that He allows me to come before Him broken and unworthy because then I see His cross in its fullness. I am ashamed that such small things can cause me to grumble. Lord, forgive my stubbornness. Let this experience humble me and bring my heart to praise you! You are faithful and loving and my lips cannot describe your goodness!


JonathanG said...

You amaze me...I'm very blessed to have you hon.

katie kohrs said...

I was just about to blog about how the Holy Spirit is humble. Awww, Kristen, God is so good, isn't He? The Father is protective and beautiful, Jesus is jealous and righteous, and the Holy Spirit is humble and happy. And together He is a happy, Jealous, Fierce, Warrior King. I am going to recommend a book, it has warped me! It's called Deep Unto Deep by Dana Candler. You can get it on Amazon...I will write you some excerpts in just a bit.