Friday, October 10, 2008

Not ready to be back

Well I am back in the swing of things. It kind of stinks to come back to work after three days off knowing that you are in for a long six day work week. *Deep breath* One day at a time. Anyway, my three days off were different than I expected them to be but at the end of my short time off I'm longing for a real vacation. The next break I have is over the Thanksgiving holiday. Jon and I are flying down to Naples Florida to stay with my parents. November 24th can not get here fast enough!!

So since I am missing my family here are a few pictures of the Locke clan. Enjoy!

The Four Sisters
(Me, Heather, Samantha and Tiffany)

Here we are again.

Dad, Samantha and Mom

From left to right (Pap, Michael-Heather's husband, Gram, Me, Samantha, Dad, Heather, Tiffany and mom is taking the picture)

I miss them a ton!! Anyway, I could write more but I think for now this will have to be it...maybe I will post later when I feel more awake.

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Nik said...

awe, those are nice! we had the pleasure of seeing tiff, while at church in j-town. it was so great seeing her. she is ALL flippin grown goodness! we were there for 2 days and steves mom's for 3 days prior to that. we came through ky late last tuesday night and came home through wv. we want to be able to hook up with you guys sometime soon. we miss you guys!