Saturday, July 19, 2008


While I was at work last night I was blessed once again through a conversation with a friend. We spent a lot of time talking about things of faith that we were working through. During the conversation we talked some about revival and I was reminded of a revival that took place at my alma mater, Asbury College, in the 1970s. This revival is such a beautiful story of God's genuine presence coming in the midst of his people revealing sin and bringing people into a deeper relationship with him. Each of these clips are about 8-9 minutes long. I want to encourage you to try and set some time aside and listen to this account of God's grace. It's truly humbling and awe inspiring. God is so worthy of praise!!

Even though I've seen this video time and time again I can't help but be challenged in my faith. My heart cries out for more of God. This is what I want to see happen among God's people. I want a revival that leaves people changed, so changed that they must go out and share what God has done. This is my prayer!

(The picture is not the best quality and the audio at the beginning of part 1 cuts out for a minute but the story is well worth the wait.)

Asbury College Revival- Part 1

Asbury College Revival- Part 2

Asbury College Revival- Part 3

Asbury College Revival- Part 4

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