Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I can't tell you how many times I sit down at the computer to type something for this blog and I end up staring at a blank computer screen. I've never been one who is eloquent with words and I often struggle to put my complicated thoughts into coherent sentences. There have been many times I listen to beautifully written songs or read passages of books and I think, "Why can't I express myself like this?" It's frustrating to me. Tonight after talking with a friend I was just so humbled and blown away by the greatness of God that I wanted more than anything to write my exact feelings down on paper...but there just aren't words...or maybe there are words but my feeble mind cannot comprehend the greatness of them. So I will humbly attempt to write down some of what has been on my mind tonight.

I had the chance to sit down with Ashley, a friend of mine, and we ended up talking for a couple of hours about all sorts of things, mostly just trying to make up for lost time. Near the end of our conversation we began to talk about people we've known who have come to accept the Lord. We talked about the stories we have seen unfold in the lives of these friends and how God has rescued them from some amazing circumstances from the bondage of drug addiction to freedom from the baggage of abuse. What started out as a conversation turned into such a beautiful time of praise to God. Ashley and I began to think about heaven and all of the people we will see. I'm sure I'll see people there that I had never imagined would ever make that step to follow Christ. My mind wondered and I questioned what that glorious scene would look like. A vast sea of faces, people from all kinds of backgrounds with diverse stories of how they came to know the God of Creation.

I've always heard that when we finally reach heaven that we will spend eternity worshipping God but tonight my heart jumped at the thought of what that might mean. Just imagine for a moment the testimonies of millions upon millions of people praising the name of our holy God by telling of his grace that changed their lives. Stories of women who use to walk the streets to feed their drug addiction, or men who lived most of their lives behind bars. Testimonies of the lives of women who inwardly struggled with self hate and who nursed their pain through eating disorders, or men who ran after the love of money. Young and old, rich and poor all kinds of people telling of how an almighty God stepped into their empty lives showing them the depth of their sin but at the same time showering them with grace. I could listen forever to those stories displaying the greatness of our God. How beautiful, how glorious that would be!!

Of course my mind cannot fathom what that day will be like when Christ returns in power and might but my after my conversation tonight I yearn to see it. To see the face of the Almighty and to hear the stories of His greatness. I feel like my heart can hardly contain the joy of just thinking of what that day and the rest of eternity will be like. I challenge you to take a few minutes just to think of the stories you know and the lives you have seen transformed by the power of God. Think of freedom you found in Christ. Take a moment to just be in awe of the awesomeness of our God!!


Worthy is the Lamb

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