Thursday, April 9, 2009


I had a refreshing conversation with my dad today. He is such a blessing to me and often has just the right words to speak to wherever I am. I will be forever grateful for the godly wisdom he has given me over the years. Something he said today got me thinking. A while back I was struggling with feeling content and completely burnt out and for a while that feeling went away. However those strong emotions came back with ferocity these past couple of weeks and I just feel completely overwhelmed. My dad mentioned that I need to find some sort of outlet for all of these emotions and I agree. Dad mentioned that I should get back to writing music...problem is, I have no way to do that. I can write down lyrics until I'm blue in the face but most of my inspiration comes when I sit down at a piano and play. Right now we have a one bedroom apartment with no place for a piano at all so obviously I miss it terribly. A few months ago I went out, played around and picked out the keyboard I want. Here it is and hopefully one day I will be able to buy it.

The Yahama CP33

Here's to dreaming.

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