Saturday, September 13, 2008

A storm

Seascape Study with Rain Cloud- John Constable

This is a fairly new painting for me. I have a vague feeling that I've seen it before in an art class perhaps but it caught my eye tonight. I think it's stunning. Constable mainly painted landscapes which were never a favorite subject of mine. I think I enjoy art that is a little more gritty and not so picturesque...or maybe it was just his style of painting that originally turned me off to his work. The second picture is one of John's well known works and's beautiful for sure but not my favorite style.

Anyway...tonight has been a rough night at work. Nothing in particular has happened and life right now is blessed beyond measure but I'm just plain worn out. Constable's painting just seems to speak directly to how I'm feeling at this exact moment. I feel burdened about many things. Earlier in the day I met with a good friend who is struggling through a storm in her spiritual life and though God remains faithful she is so overcome with emotion and buffeted so hard by the attacks of Satan that she has trouble seeing all that God is doing.

At work tonight I've also been reminded of how easy my life is. I live in a country where I can go to church on Sunday and meet with my small group every Wednesday night without fear of prison or death. There is a dire situation that calls for our prayers taking place in India. In Orrisa India (and in other parts as well) there has been an outbreak of widespread persecution of Christians by Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) extremists. Believers are being attacked, and orphanages and chuches are being burned down with people trapped inside. It is horrific and reminds me that we must join with our brothers and sisters in prayer asking the Lord to give them strength and safety in the midst of such tragedy and that despite the terror taking place that the Gospel would still be proclaimed to free the captive. Pray especially for the salvation of those who are participating in these acts of violence. To read more of what is happening in India you can check out this blog:

Well there is not much I can say that seems relevant or of much importance after speaking of all that is taking place in India. So please be in prayer for the turmoil that country is in . My heart is heavy...Lord be with them.

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jenny said...

my class will be praying for the persecuted in India tomorrow. Kristen, thanks for spending the time it takes to write on here so regularly. It really is beautiful, and I love all the pictures. Your dog is precious btw.