Monday, February 1, 2010

A Calendar and a Cause

So it is February 1st and Jon and I finally got around to buying a 2010 calendar. Now why would I post about a calendar? Well, we are a bit picky when it comes to choosing what we hang on our wall. In the past we have bought calendars with beautiful photography of places we love, such as San Francisco. Last year our calendar had black and white pictures from the famous photographer Ansel Adams. We were a bit slow when we finally went out shopping a week or so ago and much to our dismay we found absolutely NOTHING. Now if you like puppies, Twilight, or outhouses then you'll find a plethora of calenders to pick from. Me? Well I think I'll pass. About a week or so ago a co-worker and friend of mine suggested a new idea.

Exodus Cry is a Christian organization devoted to ending modern day slavery through multiple ways including raising awareness on the issue of human trafficking. The 2010 calendar focuses on prayer for one city a month where the slave industry is flourishing. Although I don't agree 100% with the beliefs/ideas of the organization that began this outreach (just some doctrinal differences) I do believe the cause is just and must tremendously break the heart of our Father and what breaks his heart should break mine as well. So I want to challenge you along with me to take a look into the reality that so many women and children face all over the world today.

Are you moved to action? Are you moved to pray?

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katie kohrs said...

Goooood stuff my friend!