Saturday, October 8, 2011

Casting A Vision

Looking back over my life so far I am humbled to see how God has grown my faith, and this is no testament to my own piety. It is a resounding cry of the Lord's goodness in a sinner's life. His mercy is ravishing. In high school I was filled with passion, and abandon, qualities I wish I had more of now. However that passion had little knowledge behind it (at least it seems that way now that I am 10+ years older). Since graduating high school there are two huge truths that I have only since realized. Now these may seem a bit ridiculous to some of you but a few years ago these truths were life changing for me.

#1- The Bible is ONE big story pointing to a merciful God redeeming, and calling a people to himself. From Genesis to Revelation we see the Gospel!!

#2- The purpose of our marriages, our families, our jobs, our down time, our parenting, our gifts, our entire lives is to bring glory to God. Everything we do should scream out the greatness of the God we serve. Everything!!

Those two truths have marinated in my heart for a few years but now it has come full circle. Jon and I are actively teaching truth to a sweet group of believers. It has been amazing to see the light bulb come on as they understand some aspects of truth for the first time. It is an honor although absolutely terrifying to realize that we have the privilege to help lead these people into a deeper understanding of God. All of this makes me realize that I need to be seeking the Lord daily because there is no way that either of us can do this on our own.

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Karen said...

Kristen your light for the Lord shines brightly. Big Smile!

Loved the videos of the one-year-old birthday. Too Cute. Blessings***