Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Into the Heart of Malawi

80% of the population live in poverty, surviving on less than 1 US dollar a day.

The spread of AIDS in Malawi has reduced life expectancy to 43 and threatens to destroy families and villages.



My sister Samantha is spending the next 7 weeks working with Circle of Hope International to reach out to the people of Malawi. She has been gearing up for this trip over the past couple of months and as of yesterday she landed in Africa. Please keep her in your prayers as she spends this exciting and challenging time overseas. Samantha will be posting updates on her blog as well as on the Circle of Hope website. There is also a prayer guide on the CHI website with specific requests relating to what the teams will be doing on certain days. She is going to have an amazing experience and I can't wait to hear what the Lord did while Samantha was over there. Until then I will continue to pray and I ask that if you are reading this please join with me in seeking the Lord. Our heart is to see the Gospel spread to every nation tribe and tongue and to see people set free through the powerful death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Praise be to God!

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Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

We're praying for Sam, Kristen. (Great picture, by the way!