Sunday, August 1, 2010

Summer Vacation

Well, I'm back. It has been a month or more since my last post. That's pretty shameful. In all honesty there hasn't been much to report. The past couple of months have been full of some discouragement and weariness brought on by our situation as we wait on the Lord's timing. I've just felt at a loss for words. There have been no dynamic revelations or miraculous answers to prayer but the Lord remains faithful just the same. His still small voice has been my close friend recently as I've taken joy in seeing God move quietly but lovingly through my friends, family, and especially Jon. His inerrant Word has been invaluable reminding me of His faithfulness. Often times I find myself repeating the truth that God is unchanging, his character remains the same. God is always faithful to his people, always. I know I've repeated that truth a lot lately in my blog but I need to hear it every day. In the midst of the waiting recently God has done a lot of renewal in the hearts of me and my husband. We are both feeling more refreshed concerning his ministry search and the excitement of our upcoming journey into parenthood brings so much joy as we get closer to meeting our little one. I have less than six weeks left for those who are counting!!

Part of this season of renewal came through time with family. Almost the whole month of July Jon and I traveled to different states to see our respective families. It was a time of much needed rest and relaxation and, like all vacations, it went far too quickly. I have a ton of pictures from these trips but I don't have access to most of them right now so I'll post back later with more pictures.

During the first part of July, Jon and I drove up to Chicago to meet up with some of his extended family, many of whom I hadn't seen since our wedding! It was a short trip but so worth it. After spending four days back at work we hit the road again to head up to Pennsylvania to visit my family. My mom and two younger sisters threw me a surprise shower. Jon and I were beyond blessed by the support and love we received through our friends and family.

Near the end of our visit Jon had a little surprise in store for me as well. He took me on a day trip down to Washington D.C. to celebrate our four year anniversary. Just to give you some background, D.C. holds a special place in my heart because that is where Jon proposed! So we spent the day visiting places like Ford's Theatre, the Peterson House, the National Museum of Art, the Museum of Natural History and we even walked back up to the capitol to the exact spot where Jon popped the question. Since it was night when he proposed I wanted to go back and get some pictures taken.

A picture of us in front of the capitol building. Behind us you can see a reflecting pool and the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial. The platform overlooks the National mall. It was on that platform that Jon proposed.

Here are a few re-enactments.

After spending a whole day walking around D.C. (I have to say that I am quite proud of myself for braving the DC heat), Jon took me to the Old Ebbitt Grill, where we had an amazing meal and probably one of the best desserts I have ever tasted!

Now we are back to the grind working 3rd shift and feverishly preparing for the arrival of our little one. Not much longer and this family of two will become a family of three!!

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