Sunday, November 23, 2008

Baby Fever

I had the chance to go to a baby shower for a friend today. It was a wonderful time of fellowship and such a great reminder of God's goodness. (Nikki and Stephen we love you a ton and will be praying for you as the due date approaches!) Here are a few pictures. I love these girls!!

Amanda, Dana, Jennifer and Alexis (Look at these cute onsies they made!!)

Dana, Nikki, Alexis, Amanda and Jennifer

(Unfortunately all of these pictures were taken after I had left...I was there. I promise! ;-)

So I left the shower with babies on the brain! ;-) Of course. There is nothing new with that and it didn't help that last Sunday our pastor preached on parenting. With seminary quickly coming to a close I've been thinking more about the next phase of our life and what that may look like. It's no surprise that I'm excited for the Lord to bring Jon and I to the point when we can start a family so it has often been a topic of conversation for us. Lately I've brought up the idea of adoption. Due, I think in part, to working in the social service field we both feel called to adopt, even though I'm not sure when we will begin those steps (most likely years down the road) or how it will all work out but my heart is burdened.

As I've pondered adoption and all it would entail I've been thinking a lot about where the Lord will lead us to adopt from. There is a huge need both here and outside of the United States. I'm not sure whether we will adopt domestically or internationally but at the moment my heart is leaning toward an international adoption. One night while I was at work I was overcome with the picture of what could be. The image I kept getting in my head is the picture of a beautiful little daughter from India. We would raise her up and through prayer, teaching and the grace of God she would grow into a strong Christian woman. What if she was not only a strong believer but called by God to go back to India and be a missionary? How beautiful! How exciting!

These thoughts may just be delusions from working nights or maybe they are a glimpse of things to come. Who knows, but the one thing I am certain of is that one day we will adopt. Another thing I know for sure is that I want all of our children to come to know Jesus Christ and for that relationship to radically transform their lives. If that transformation calls them overseas or into any type of full-time ministry than AMEN!! I can only imagine all of the emotions felt when you first set eyes on your child and all the dreams you have for them...but one day I'll know. I can hardly wait.
On a more random note I listened to this sermon tonight and wanted to share it. If you get a chance take some time to hear the burdened heart of this man of God. It's beautiful and moving.

A wonderful sermon by K.P. Yohannan. He is the president and founder of Gospel for Asia.
Christ's Call Follow in My Footsteps:

Before I end this LONG post let me introduce you to a part of our family you may have not met. Her name is Aleena and she is our beautiful sponsor child through Compassion. if you think of it please keep her and her family in your prayers!


Nik said...

i love you kristen! you have a most loving heart, a heart that seeks to love like Christ. Alena is a cutie! we have sponsered Muna, our Compassion child since she was 4, she turns 18 this coming year, which is sadly our last year to sponsor her. what a gift and blessing the opportunity has been for all of us involved. we are big gfa fans! i can't wait to offer some chickens to a most deserving family this Christmas!!!! God is so faithful!

Amanda said...

I can totally see you guys adopting an Indian girl. That would be amazing. I'm so happy for you guys, whenever the time comes!