Friday, August 8, 2008


The Chapman family has been on my heart ever since the tragic accident that took the life of their youngest daughter Maria. I've followed their story since May and I have been in awe of the strength that the Lord has given them during this unbearable heartache. I have watched some interviews with this family lately and I can't help but walk away praising God for his faithfulness. I can only imagine the thousands of people who have been impacted by their story. They have shared with striking honesty the struggle of this journey but through it all God's name continues to be glorified. There is no way to fully understand the God we serve but there is hope in knowing that we belong to God, in the midst of joy and in the darkest valley of death we are His.

Here is a new verse that Steven wrote for his song "Yours." It's powerful. You can hear the latest version of it on napster. (

I've been following their story through Steven's manager's blog and I want to encourage you to check it every once and and while to be reminded to keep this family in your prayers. I'm sure there are still many hard days to come.

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Nik said...

(sigh) we to have been following this. what a MIGHTY God we serve, wow.